Helath Insurance

HEALTH INSURANCE provides funds for medical expenses due to illness or accident, helping, in this way, people to protect themselves against high medical costs, through a contract between the person and the insurance company where the person buys a plan and the company agrees to cover part of the expenses doctors In this way the person would not be exposed to the high costs of the health market in this country.

What is needed to be eligible for medical coverage through the Insurance Marketplace?

It is enough to reside in the United States, and be a US or national citizen (or have a legal immigration status in the country) to apply for health insurance coverage in Florida.

When to apply for health insurance coverage in Florida?

You can apply for the Open Enrollment Period, which for 2020 runs from November 1 to December 15, 2019; Plans sold during this Open Enrollment period would begin to provide coverage on January 1, 2020.

Or you may also qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, this means that you can buy insurance outside of the Period of Open Enrollment if you have made certain changes in your life, such as:

If you or someone in your home in the last 60 days:
                                        - He got married.
                                        - He had a baby, he adopted a child.
                                        - Divorced or legally separated and lost health insurance.
                                        - If someone in your Market plan dies.
                                        - If you change residence or address.
                                        - If you have lost eligibility for Medicaid or CHIP, or for Medicare.
                                        - If you have lost qualified medical coverage through a family member.
                                        - If you changed jobs and therefore lost the medical coverage you had through your employer.

From the moment you are presented with some of these mentioned cases, you would usually have 60 days to report Your change to the Health Market as soon as possible.

If I have health insurance through my employer, Can I consider other options in the Health Insurance Marketplace?

Yes, you may consider other options, but you must consider before deciding to reject or cancel an insurance based on employment that Market plans would not get any contribution from the employer; since, with most medical plans based on the employment, your employer pays part of your monthly premium. If instead you enroll in a Marketplace plan, the employer will not contribute to your cousins.

Similarly, the reverse is the case, for example, if you have a Market plan and then your employer provides health insurance to you as employee and you choose to enroll in a Market plan, then there is a possibility that you will no longer be eligible for any Savings in your Marketplace plan (even if you do not accept the offer of coverage that your employer provides) and therefore you would have than paying the full price of a Market plan, since the only way to qualify for savings in a Market plan is if the Your employer's insurance offer does not comply with the minimum accessibility and coverage standards (most plans based in employment they comply with these standards) - that is, the price of the medical insurance that the workplace offers is lower that 9.56% of your annual income; If the annual amount of your health insurance's price is greater than 9.56% of your income, you can then the worker will not be obliged to avail himself of the medical insurance offered by his employer and can therefore apply to the help offered by the government in their health insurance (Obamacare).

What can I do if I lose the medical coverage provided by my workplace and I am now eligible to enroll in the plan of my spouse? Could not I have a Market plan?

You can buy a Marketplace plan, however, keep in mind that if you are offered coverage through your spouse's employment, you is not eligible for tax credits or other savings in a Market plan - even if you do not accept the offer; except that if your spouse's plan does not meet the standards for accessibility or coverage.

Know, also, that once enrolled in the new insurance through the workplace (through your employment or your spouse's employment) quote one example) you can continue with the Market plan, but you would have to pay the full cost. However, if you do not want to continue with your Marketplace plan and choose to have health insurance only for the plan offered by the work center, then you can cancel your Market plan at any time without any penalty.

I changed jobs and now I do not have the benefit of having health insurance through my employer. What should I do?

As long as you do not have any qualified medical offer or coverage - either through your spouse, or a plan based on the employment, or Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP- can, then, enroll in a Marketplace plan and therefore be eligible for any Savings on your plan based on your income.

On what the metal levels are based; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, when choosing a plan?

These mentioned categories are based on how you and your plan share the costs, based on a percentage that help you better understand co-payments according to the category you choose for your plan. Let's see the following example:

Plan Category Your health plan pays You pay
Bronze 60% 40%
Silver 70% 30%
Gold 80% 20%
Platinum 90% 10%
For more information on these categories do Click Here.

Know the right plan for you or your family. The premium to pay is not only the important thing to keep in mind when applying for a health insurance plan, so is your deductible (that is, the amount that the insured pays in advance before receiving medical services).