Life Insurance

Life Insurance helps you and your family to maintain your financial stability if something happens to you, because this is the insurance that guarantees a person economic compensation BEFORE CERTAIN INJURIES AND CRITICAL, CRITICAL OR TERMINAL DISEASES, or his direct family members or, failing that, those persons whom he himself chooses as his beneficiaries in case of his own death.

A life insurance policy would provide you and your family with enough money to fulfill your obligations, to be able to achieve your dreams and help to secure the future of yours even when you are no longer with them. You can count on a life insurance with return of premiums, or a life insurance policy with value in cash which, even, helps you finance your children's education, or can be used to supplement your retirement income when you reach retirement age.


Term insurance:

• Guarantees coverage for a specific period of time or up to one certain age.
• Can be renewed once the period of time ends.
• Provides benefits if the insured dies; does not accumulate cash value
• It is often the most affordable coverage.


• Remains valid throughout his life, while premiums are payable.
• Accumulate a deferred tax cash value with which the owner of the policy can count.
• When the insured dies, their beneficiaries will receive the death benefit amount.

Universal Life:

• It is another type of permanent life insurance, with flexibility included, which allows you to adjust the nominal amount of your policy and the premiums you pay.
• Flexibility allows you to stop paying premiums if there is sufficient accumulated value in your policy to cover the cost of insurance each month. Then you can pay additional premiums to increase the accumulated value in cash.
• Creates cash value and potentially enables access to funds through loans and tax-free withdrawals.
• You can increase or decrease your death benefit depending on your life insurance needs.

In addition, there are also some life insurance that make it possible to return the money paid during the time you have been insured; whether they are 15, 20 or 25 years old your policy, if the circumstances of your life change or for some reason you no longer need your life insurance, then the guaranteed return of the premiums paid may be your way of restoring financial stability at that stage of your life, life insurance with return of premiums, among its benefits, includes this special feature.


Life insurance is a unique financial tool that can be structured to achieve various objectives and to meet the specific needs of each person. Discover how this Insurance can provide you peace of mind, security, protection, and opportunities that can help make today's dreams the reality of tomorrow.

Ensure the economic stability of your future and that of the people you love, with the most prestigious life insurance companies that provides you with life benefits, such as: retirement planning, to protect your mortgage or for the university planning of their children; either through a Term Life Insurance , Universal or Permanent , or simply to guarantee final expenses.

Regardless of the stage of life, Life Insurance could turn out to be one of the financial decisions most valuable and important you can take.

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